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Why Crosstel

More performance. More integration. More reliability. More information.

Supporting a communications network is complex–and ever changing. What worked a few years ago may not be sufficient now, but Crosstel can help your business stay ahead of the game. Keeping up with increasing customer demands, cutting costs, integrating new technologies, raising service quality, and bringing on new administrative systems requires constant attention and many times, a new way of doing things. Crosstel’s innovative products and services make it possible to excel in an unpredictable market of change.

With decades of experience in both engineering and IT our staff combines their talent and training to solve almost any challenge in Telecom operations, IT and engineering. We are a service provider not unlike our customers, and solve both our customers and our own problems.

We’ve built billing, switch performance, signaling, traffic measurement, and revenue assurance solutions. We’ve also improved the performance of operations, finance, regulatory, and taxation departments. Above all, we know what “more” means. More performance, more integration, more reliability, and more information with less hassle, less frustration, less time and less cost.