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Wholesale business and residential digital phone service

  • Created for small cable companies, utility companies, or municipalities wanting to offer telephone services
  • Crosstel completes the back end of the service, and allows the service to be sold under the customer’s brand at their price
  • No need to invest in any network, hardware, or software–Crosstel does all the work for you
  • After Crosstel has quickly put you in service, you can take control of installations and customer service
  • These wholesale customers can have any amount of subscribers. Start low, and grow
  • Crosstel will provide the customer with an infrastructure built with state of the art networks, switches, signaling, and nodes They will be given their own provisioning & billing system, making Crosstel a single window for all their needs
  • All special services, interconnect agreements, and long distance will be taken care of
  • Crosstel can quickly provide these services and allow customers to start functioning like a well-established telephone company of their region

Long distance services

  • Regardless of telephone company’s size. Crosstel provides long distance service to many telecom service providers and cable companies
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Access to a user friendly portal gives the customer in depth details about their traffic visibility, rated calls by hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly details
  • This service is through several top class carriers, allowing our customers to have the best rates, quality, and signaling
  • Fraud protection, carrier reconciliation, traffic statistics, and least cost routing can all also be provided

Managed network operation center

  • Crosstel provides first level support, such as alarms, monitoring, and first level maintenance on nights, weekends, or holidays,
    to service companies using servers and nodes
  • Crosstel can monitor telephone networks, utility networks, data centers, switches, servers, nodes, routers, and many others
  • All services can be customized and tailored to suit your specific needs