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Crosstel is a Telecom software company, and has designed and developed many applications required for service providers, long distance carriers, and wireless operators. Our products, such as large carrier management systems, billing and provisioning systems, troubleshooting systems, customer service systems, and small applications are used by our customers to help provide Telecom services.

Telephone billing and provisioning system

  • Many providers use Crosstel’s state of the art and user friendly billing and provisioning system
  • With multiple switches, the system handles all special services including 911, cname, location services, and directory enquiry at the back end
  • The service order tracking system and trouble ticket management system allows a CSR to be able to handle any customer complaint from
    their own portal
  • Integrates with other billing systems, such as utility and cable, creating one single invoice for all services
  • The system is neat, user friendly, and receives many compliments from our customers. If you are a service provider in any capacity, Crosstel’s
    billing and provisioning system is the one for you

Call routing and management system for carriers, wireless operators, and service providers

  • Intelligent call routing. Up to two millions combinations. Special routing and rating for wireless calls
  • Automatic fraud detection and prevention
  • Up to the minute carrier reconciliation. Inbound and outbound 1-800 call handling
  • Excellent traffic visibility and statistics
  • Revenue assurance and call rating in many combinations (LATA,OCN,NPA .. etc.)
  • Easy local / remote management. Extremely user friendly and efficient
  • Most efficient LCR. Any number of carriers / routes. Immediate, dynamic CDR with several useful fields
  • Several network combinations and excellent reporting