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In Telecom by Grace

We believe our work, our talents, and the growth of our business are all gifts from God. He is the ultimate creator and we are His hands and eyes. When we do what He wants us to do, we succeed. If we do not do what He has planned for us, we fail. The challenge is in knowing His plans for us. This is possible only for those who stay connected with Him, and are willing to walk in His ways.

To serve God is to serve others. That is why we believe our personal and professional success is the result of God’s mercy.

Because of the abundance He has given us, we continue to work as a way to give our time and treasures back to Him. He has given us success in growing our other companies in the past. Crosstel was created not only to serve its customers, but also Him.

For this reason, our helping hands are for all. Our measure of success at year-end does not depend on how much we made, but how much we were able to give to the needy and less fortunate. We want to see Crosstel grow to meet the needs of the least and the lost, and also to bring the love of Christ to people around the world. Our goal is to be a blessing to our employees, our customers and to many more. Our satisfaction comes from glorifying God and from being a giver, not a taker.
May God Bless you who is reading this now, and touch your heart with His love!