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Carrier Management Systems

Flexibility. Scalability. Visibility. Savings.

No single long distance carrier can consistently provide the best rate. However, access to multiple carriers ensures the lowest prices, while also presenting the best quality. Sometimes, this can be beyond the reach of small service providers. Many simply don’t have the resources – or technology – to manage multiple relationships.

We do..

As a leading provider of managed Telecom services to Long Distance and service providers, we understand these challenges, and have been instrumental in helping our clients transform their own businesses and industries in which they operate for over 30 years. As part of our service model, Crosstel provides Call Routing and Management Systems (CRMS) as an exclusive or hosted solution for Long Distance carriers and service providers.

Many providers across the country choose us to manage their long distance traffic at significant savings. With a simple SIP or TDM connection, these providers direct their traffic to our Call Routing and Management System. In this arrangement, they benefit from our large volume contracts, constant monitoring, and expert resources. Along with a real-time Web view of their call traffic, we also provide a sense of control and cost management that gives our clients the best of both worlds: Low rates, high quality and constant visibility.

If you are a small Telecom service provider…

If you are a small Telecom service provider with monthly minutes between 400,000 and 40,000,000, we will save you anywhere between 20 and 50 percent on your long distance charges. We deploy carrier grade switches, gateways, billing, and provisioning systems at a cost that is affordable for you.

If you are a large Telecom service provider…

If you are a large Telecom service provider, we will install a feature-rich CRMS at your premises, allowing you to manage your long distance traffic while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. If you already have your own carriers, we can offload and control your routing through CRMS. You will get the same statistics, reduce switch load, and save money on your long distance charges.

If you are a wireless provider…

If you are a wireless provider, we can help you take control of your roaming and long distance spending while saving millions. CRMS provides carrier reconciliation, fraud prevention and full traffic visibility.

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