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About Us

Bridging the gap between engineering and IT in the telecommunications industry

Crosstel was founded in 2005 by a Telecom veteran with a grand vision who brought together a group of highly experienced professionals. This team of Telecom engineers and advanced software developers has served some of the world’s most successful communications companies for over three decades. Crosstel’s solutions are used by many other industry leading service providers. The history is simple, but deep. There is a major gap between Telecom engineering and IT in every Telecom service provider across the globe. Billions of dollars of both known and unknown revenue are lost through this gap, but Crosstel successfully bridges the gap in the Telecom industry. Regardless of what service your company provides – wireline, wireless, or long distance – Crosstel can help you stop this loss of revenue.

Our vision at Crosstel is to make our services available globally. With our contractors and staff based in Canada and overseas, we specialize in every aspect of residential and business VoIP offerings, as well as long distance call management without any boundaries.

We offer our services to several large and small cable companies, municipalities, and other service providers in the communications industry who don’t want the expense and hassle of investing in building, maintaining and operating network infrastructure. We provide a single service solution integrated with our own billing and provisioning software that is designed to perfectly fit your needs.

We deliver our services in a way that is quick, simple and convenient.