The industry's leading service providers depend on us to
keep their customers' communications flowing seamlessly

And so can you

Wholesale and managed network services
for service providers nationwide

Crosstel is a fully licensed provider of residential and business network services. Our customers are service providers in the communications industry, as well as cable companies and municipalities who don't want the expense and hassle of investing in building, maintaining and operating network infrastructure. We provide a single service solution integrated with our own billing and provisioning software designed to perfectly fit their needs.

Big or small. Local or national.

We tailor our services to every client's needs.


Long distance call management

Many service providers simply don’t have the resources – or systems – to deal with the complexity of managing long distance traffic. So they choose Crosstel to do it for them!


Digital telephone services

Do you need to launch phone services over your existing infrastructure? We help you do it with low upfront costs and enormous advantages through our hosted services.


Telecom software solutions

Keeping up with increasing customer demands, cutting costs, integrating new technologies, raising service quality and incorporating new administrative systems requires constant attention and a new way of doing things. This is where we can help.


Bridging the gap between
Engineering and IT

Founded by a Telecom veteran along with group of experienced engineers, Crosstel has served some of the world's most successful communications companies in the word - and we've been doing it for over 30 years!

You may not know us yet

But you know the companies that have relied on us to improve their bottom line